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I am having second thoughts or contradicting feelings.

About nsfw fanart. I mean I very much enjoy it. But it wasn’t all fun to watch Martin being showed them live in front of thousands of people. I somehow am fine with him knowing and seeing it because it was his choice to view it. I just don’t like the idea that was standing behind it on this show: let show him some explicit drawings and see how he feels about.

I’ve said the same thing for years, and I hate it when TV presenters think it makes good TV to potentially embarrass and humiliate the subject of the art.

I also tend to wonder where the artists stand, legally. Are they ever asked for permission for their work to be on TV? Is there any comeback?

The first rule of fandom always used to be, “Nobody talks about fandom.” The widening of the internet has really just scuppered that.




I am talking to all of you. Thilbo, Durincest, whatever Dwalin/Thorin is called, EVERYONE.

You are allowed to have your ships. You are allowed to draw art for your ships. That’s your prerogative. But please, please, please be courteous to those of us who do NOT ship those pairings and…

Tumblr Saviour ‘NSFW’.

We can tag whatever we like- that is also our perogative.

However I daresay we can also expect those not wishing to see such works to have ‘NSFW’ savioured.

If the artist doesn’t tag it, then that’s their bad, but at the end of the day, ‘the hobbit’ tag is for everyone. We are all in this fandom.

I don’t like porn, and I particularly don’t enjoy Dwalin/Thorin, but I’m not enough of a dick to assume that when options are provided for me to shield myself from it and I do not use them, that the poster is to blame.

It’s the nature of Tumblr. You will be spoiled, you will be offended, you will want eyebleach. The goggles are filed in the Tumblr Saviour drawer, please help yourself.


Benedict Cumberbatch during the production of Third Star.

It’s such a shame when people cut other people out of pictures of Benedict and don’t give the full, far more beautiful and poignant image.


Benedict Cumberbatch during the production of Third Star.

It’s such a shame when people cut other people out of pictures of Benedict and don’t give the full, far more beautiful and poignant image.



No, you know what, YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO ASK HIS OPINION JUST BECAUSE YOU THINK IT’S HORRIBLE. Because guess what? His opinion is fucking irrelevant. If people wanna ship it, they can do that, doesn’t matter what the fucking actor thinks, doesn’t matter what the creator thinks. Shipping is all about fan interpretation, and does it always makes sense? Is it always plausible? Nope, but people can still ship whatever the fuck they want.

I just think it’s fucking hilarious that the person who “outs” the ship (or shipping in general… Graham you are so clueless and adorable) is a hater? What’s even the point?

I hate people like that. What’s next? Are we gonna link him some dwarf porn just so he knows how horrible it is? “I hear some people hated Dwalin, what do you think of that? I think it’s horrible, but I had to ask your opinion”.

Just ugh. This shouldn’t piss me off so much but Graham is fucking amazing to us on Twitter, DON’T BE A DICK AND SCARE HIM OFF, OKAY?




Ugh. What a nasty little attention whore. Utterly unnecessary and actually an embarrassment to all fans, slashers, shippers or otherwise.


I feel disastrously out of the Tumblr loop as the fandoms seem to evolve so quickly. When did all of Tumblr become so unconditionally devoted to The Hobbit? Not that this is a post of sincere complaint, I rather find the cast to be a wonderful mix, but I do miss the variety that once hounded Tumblr. I have a disgusting fear that I might be following photography blogs by the summer. 

Oh, consequently: Happy New Year.

It’s the first flush of infatuation, we’ll all be back to our usual fandoms until the DVDs come out, in a few weeks.


Let me put it this way. In a purely human reference, Kili is a hot dude. I’m not debating that the actor playing Kili is hot. He is. He’s totally hot.

But as far as dwarves go, Kili is a goofy lookin’, puberty-stricken doofus.

Here he is for your eye’s pleasure:


Okay, what we’re seeing is a fairly gorgeous dude, and in human camps, he’d get all the human ass he could ever wish to want. Sure, he’s short, but I’m sure a lot of humans would overlook that because from a human perspective, he’s gorgeous.

You know what he’d look like to dwarves?


That’s right, he is the dwarf equivalent of DJ Qualls. He’s scrawny, goofy, has no beard, looks like he’s about 12 years old regardless of how old he actually is.

Dwarves look at this guy and would go, “Your mother said you could go on this trip? What was she thinking? Let’s feed you and send you home before it’s your bedtime.”

You mean you haven’t realised that fandom is at least half full of hebos?

Been in this fandom five minutes, already broken two of the characters. And it’s not even their story.

And one of them - one of them, right - is the happiest little guy in the universe. Oh, yes, I did.

Because that is how I steam roll over their tiny little hearts.

Fili and Kili (artwork containt hobbit novel spoiler!)





if u haven’t read the book and don’t wanna be spoiled: PLEASE DON’T process to see the fullview artwork!



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I’m afraid that even the small sample gives away a lot—-> one conclusion: go read books people!

Yeah, that image was pretty spoilery. I happen to know about this part, but I’ve deliberately held off reading the book for ten years because I knew that one day there would be a film in the same universe as LotR (as in the Peter Jackson universe), and wanted to keep it as fresh as possible to enjoy PJ’s telling of it when it finally arrived. It would be nice if people considered that possibility, rather than saying “But the book has been out since 1937!” because some of us know that and have just made a conscious choice not to read them, yet.

It’s a simple thing to be courteous for those who wish to retain at least some suspense for the films, which isn’t to pin it all on the OP, who thought they were avoiding spoilers, but on everyone who could be a bit more conscientious.

Yes, you’re right Rosie. I am sorry it was high hypocrisy from my side. Everyone should enjoy films or books or both or either in the way they choose to. That’s why I still put a spoiler tag on it. But I am not sure how to proceed with this. I mean how to tag spoilers for further plot lines while still tagging spoilers for first film?

I didn’t mean you specifically either, hon. Even Aidan bloody Pretty bloody Dwarfchops bloody Turner thinks that because the book has been out for years, everyone knows the story (bitch, you have not even read it yourself!). The tags are a tricky thing, because to prevent spoiling people you’d have to get the whole fandom to agree on what phrase to use to TS out book spoilers.

I guess the most logical would be something like “The Hobbit book spoilers” or something. It’s perhaps easier to just ‘Read More’ it, in the way people used LJ cuts on LiveJournal once upon a time.

You know, if the little fanboy bitches are going to complain about anything in Dwarf fic, it shouldn’t be the inappropriate relationships between fictional characters, it should be the insistence upon using the phrase, “And it felt like coming home,” about dwarfly making out, IN EVERY. SINGLE. FIC.


I’m a bad person to ruin this happy marrysueing…




Browsing through the Hobbit tag and IDK, but girls, you DO realise that Thorin…

Oh dear. I guess you weren’t here when it was Hobbits and Humans, a decade ago, then?

Nope. And I’m sorry now. I’d like to see THAT!

I always found myself pertubed by the Merry/Pippin/Boromir, but the Sherlock fans are already pushing Bilbo/Smaug, so logistically, Dwarf/Elf is probably pretty standard. I mean - Thorin’s only three inches shorter than me.